“A Beautiful Girl”

I have had an up and down couple of days. My current adventure asking me to really look at myself. To look at what I see. Not what others see.  It has been difficult to get this far but something came from me asking myself, what do I see and here it is…

I see a beautiful girl. I am happy to say. Though not perfectly so on the inside or out, a beautiful girl still. She is kind, hardworking, pensive, passionate, creative, and loving. She is sweetly affectionate, and sentimental. Easily pleased by the little things. Strange to the average bird, but mostly in good ways. She struggles, and asking for help is not her strongest virtue. But she will ask when, humbled by her mistakes and pain. She is aware of herself, her flaws and her attributes. Though she dwells a bit not on the ladder. She is learning to love herself. In whole, as she grows with her life in change.

I see this girl. A girl destined to be a happy woman loving someone as she loves herself. A girl not possessed by possessions but possessed by life.  A girl wandering on the trails, her hands lightly brushing against the green and brown. The moist and dry earth beneath her feet. Sky of every color and season above her, her heart never losing the childlike wonder. She cherishes every moment. Every breathe. She moves with grace and humility even when she stumbles because she has learned how to stand after falling to her knees.

The vision of herself, the definitions are her own. They belong to no one. No other woman or man. It is not for anyone to decide who she is, or who she can be. There is no limit. No ceiling, no sky, just the void not filled with nothing but with everything, beyond imagining and prayer. But not beyond the blessings of love. Love that has been woven into her lifeline across her time before it, in it, and what has yet to come. Nothing can contain it, thought it makes everything. It simply is, and asks us to be.

I see a beautiful girl. Staring back at me.

A Reflection By Cali Stone


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