Summer 2017 Chronicles…

Its been a long time coming. I planned to write on the adventure I am currently taking before I arrived at my physical destination, but here I am almost three weeks later finally getting on with it.  I am spending the summer in North Carolina, working and living. It is the first time I have been 200 or so miles away from all that I know. Though I think the experience is a little over due, timing is everything and life has been revealing that I am right on time for what is meant for me.

In the short time that I have been here  I have become more aware of myself and the kind of person I am and want to become. I have started asking myself questions about why I do the things I do, how I think and feel about others, how I feel and think about me, and how I want that to change. I had considered these things before but had not given them the dedication I am now. I have acquired a purposeful sense in discovering myself.

As I go forward in a an uncertain but called direction I am moved to act with heart and head. Though at times, one does oppose the other, I have begun to practice maintaining a connection between the two so that I do not lose my sense or sensibility. I believe both are essential to a full life. Previously, I have tried to stifle my emotions in favor of my sense, but my bleeding heart refused to clot.

I have come to a place where I have the chance to learn to hold space for myself and learn to hold space for others. A place where growth in faith is accompanied by growth in community. A place to chronicle my Life in Change.




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