Miles to Italy

“Miles to Italy”

Walking Challenge

In a previous post, I made it known that Italy is one of the places I would like to travel to. In the spirit of working towards that goal I have decided to come up with the Miles to Italy Challenge. From Georgia to Italy, based on google, it is approximately 5,000 miles.  Depending on the city one decides to visit it can be a little less or more but for the sake up rounding up to an even number, 5,000 miles, it is. This is a long-term challenge.  

Even if, I walked five miles every day for 365 days I would only have gotten 1,825 miles by the end of the year. That would be an excellent accomplishment however I do better with accomplishing goals when they have an assigned importance to me, like walking to Italy. A place I feel, for some bizarre reason, I am meant to travel to.  Since this will take an extended amount of time to achieve I do have plenty of short-term goals to engage in as well, to be discussed later.

After various calculations, I decided not to put a deadline on this challenge. The math equates to about five miles a day for three years. I have only just started to do five miles one day out of the week. I am struggling with just that. Similarly, to my weight loss journey this challenge will come to fruition in stages. Working towards smaller goals to achieve an overall bigger picture. I know how going to extremes just leads to swinging too far in either direction without getting anywhere productive. I have jumped off my swing to find something that will take me some where new.

The key to this challenge is practice and documentation. I will be keeping a diary of my steps and distance done daily.  I have a Garmin vivofit3 activity tracker. It monitors steps, distance, and more. For this challenge, we will focus on distance and steps. In some separate challenges, I will graduate to an uptake in daily step and distance goals which will tie into this challenge as it progresses.

Smaller goals set along the path will provide little victories and motivation. I am brainstorming on some challenges to start that fall into the format I am trying to create. As endurance, strength, and etcetera improve I will move onto longer more strenuous walking goals. Still I will listen to my body and try to stay away from jumping into any extremes.

I encourage anyone to join me on this journey. I will be posting my stats on my Miles to Italy challenge page accessible here

Dreams do come true!


Trevi Fountain Rome, Italy

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