Starting Point

One of the most uncomfortable parts of making changes is looking in the mirror and measuring yourself up. Taking stalk of your starting point. There was a time when I would get on a scale and cry. Looking in the mirror at my body was always unpleasant.

Really looking at myself, every part of myself was something I did not do for a while. Now I can look at myself. I can accept my current body  with the knowledge and faith that I have the power to change it.  I will address the steps that brought on that change, but for now here is my starting point…

  • Weight: 410 lbs


Neck 17” Bust 54”
Chest 52” Midway 66”
Waist 57” Hips 75”
Thighs 42” Knees 25”
Calves 23” Upper Arm 25”

I have added a page under the menu icon that will be dedicated to before, during, and after pictures to be updated every three months. I have chosen to use body measurements  in addition to weight, because I have gleaned, from experience and research, measuring helps show results when the scale doesn’t seem to change or  even if it goes up due to muscle gain or fluid fluctuation. What is important at this time is having patience.

Keeping the faith. Looking in the mirror. Making a change. One step at a time.






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